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CD sales, sales of DVD and Blu-ray movies sold e-shop at discount prices, goods such as tea or coffee with coffee makers, offer cheap perfume and cosmetics, as well as PC games and console games only for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, is about This inexpensive e-commerce.

Goods are delivered to you by PPL, Czech Post, or there is possible a personal collection.

Our e-shop is accepting payments by credit card, paypal or wire transfer to our account. There is also the possibility to pay cash on delivery or in our store.



Artist: One Direction
Units: CD
Release: 14.11.2014
Price w/o VAT: 274 CZK
Price w. VAT: 331 CZK (~11.92€)
Dostupnost: Availability (2-30 days)

Hobit: Šmakova Dračí Poušť 2dvd

Category: DVD Filmy
Units: DVD (2 disky)
Release: 03.03.2013
Price w/o VAT: 147 CZK
Price w. VAT: 178 CZK (~6.41€)
List price: 199 CZK
Dostupnost: Availability (2-4 days)


Category: Jo Nesbo
Units: Knihy
Price w/o VAT: 257 CZK
Price w. VAT: 295 CZK (~10.62€)
List price: 369 CZK
Dostupnost: Availability (2-6 days)

Bvlgari: Omnia Crystalline - toaletní voda 25ml (žena)

Brand: Bvlgari
Category: Toaletní voda
Volume: 25ml
Price w/o VAT: 644 CZK
Price w. VAT: 779 CZK (~28.04€)
Availability: po naskladnění

Mourek - dárkové balení

Price w/o VAT: 183 CZK / ks
Price w. VAT: 221 CZK / ks (~7.96€)
Availability: in stock

Nerezerový šunkovar - forma na šunku z nerezové oceli

Category: Domácnost
Price w/o VAT: 1314 CZK
Price w. VAT: 1590 CZK (~57.24€)
Availability: in stock


Kabat Banditi Di Praga

Kabat CD Banditi Di Praga

Price: ~10.76€
O.S.T. Once

O.S.T. CD Once

Price: ~5.83€


Mamma Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Price: ~6.52€


Kmeny 0

Kmeny 0

Price: ~30.53€


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