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21st Century Molan [Vinyl] Paradise Bangkok Molam In

Artist: Paradise Bangkok Molam In
Units: Vinyl (2 records)
Distribution: BS
Release: 2014-12-01
Price with VAT: 428 CZK (~16.86€)
Availability: Availabile
Availability: 3-30 days

Price of delivery: from 170 CZK (~6.7€)

21st Century Take On Thailand´s Indigenous Molam

Tracks - 21st Century Molan

  • Sao Sakit Mae
  • Roob Lor Pu Tai
  • Kwang Noi Chaolay
  • Studio Lam Plearn
  • Diew Phin Rotfai Kwamreo Soong
  • Lam San Disco
  • Zerng India Prayuk
  • Kiew Sao Pu Tai
  • Diew Khean Tidsoot
  • Show Wong Molam International

Paradise Bangkok Molam In released Vinyl 21st Century Molan in the Czech republic in the distribution of BS. You can buy the Vinyls from the interpret Paradise Bangkok Molam In in this e-shop. Detailed description of the Vinyl 21st Century Molan will be added.

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