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World As We Love It [Vinyl] Pushking

World As We Love It
Artist: Pushking
Units: Vinyl
Distribution: BS
Release: 2011-01-27
Price with VAT: 486 CZK (~19.15€)
Availability: Availabile
Availability: 3-30 days

Price of delivery: from 170 CZK (~6.7€)


Tracks - World As We Love It

  • Intro
  • Nightrider - Billy F Gibbons (Zz Top)
  • It'll Be Ok - Billy F Gibbons (Zz Top) / Nuno Bettencourt (E
  • Troubled Love - Alice Cooper / Keri Kelli (Alice Cooper)
  • Stranger's Song - John Lawton (Ex. Uriah Heep) / Steve Steve
  • Cut the Wire - Paul Stanley (Kiss) / Stevie Salas (Ex Bowie
  • My Refl Ections After Seeing the "Schindler's List" Movie -
  • God Made Us Free - Graham Bonnet (Ex. Rainbow, Alcatrazz)
  • Why Don't You? - Glenn Hughes (Ex Deep Purple)
  • I Believe - Jeff Scott Soto (Ex. Journey)
  • Tonight - Glenn Hughes (Ex. Deep Purple) / Joe Bonamassa
  • Private Own - Glenn Hughes (Ex. Deep Purple) / Matt Filippin
  • Open Letter To God - Eric Martin (Mr.Big)
  • Nature's Child - Udo Dirkschneider (Ex. Accept, U.D.O.)
  • I Love You - Dan McCafferty (Nazareth)
  • Head Shooter - Joe Lynn Turner (Ex. Rainbow)
  • Heroin - Jorn Lande (Masterplan)
  • My Simple Song - Dan McCafferty (Nazareth)
  • Kukarracha - Joe Lynn Turner / Eric Martin / Glenn Hughes /

Pushking released Vinyl World As We Love It in the Czech republic in the distribution of BS. You can buy the Vinyls from the interpret Pushking in this e-shop. Detailed description of the Vinyl World As We Love It will be added.

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