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Drunk Enough To Dance [CD] Bowling For Soup

Artist: Bowling For Soup
Units: CD
Distribution: BS
Release: 2008-12-10
List price: 482 CZK
Price with VAT: 211 CZK (~8.51€)
Availability: Availabile
Availability: 3-30 days

Price of delivery: from 170 CZK (~6.86€)

-re-release- + 4 Bonustracks & 1 Hidden Track

Tracks - Drunk Enough To Dance

Audio samples

  • I Don´t Wanna Rock
  • Emily
  • Girl All the Bad Guys Want
  • On & On (About Your)
  • Surf Colorado
  • Life After Lisa
  • Where To Begin
  • The Last Rock Show
  • Self-Centered
  • The Hard Way
  • Out the Window
  • Cold Shower Tuesdays
  • Running From Your Dad
  • Scaring Myself
  • She´s Got a Boyfriend
  • Greatest Day
  • Punk Rock 101
  • I Ran (So Far Away)
  • Star Song
  • Belgium

Bowling For Soup released CD Drunk Enough To Dance in the Czech republic in the distribution of BS. You can buy the CDs from the interpret Bowling For Soup in this e-shop. Detailed description of the CD Drunk Enough To Dance will be added.

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