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        PO-ÚT 13.-14.8. ZAVŘENO z technických důvodů pro osobní odběry. Velmi se Vám omlouváme za komplikace.

Positivo Import

Artist: Bruno Lara
Units: CD (1)
Distribution: Import
Release: 2007-10-31
Price with VAT: 698 CZK (~27.90€)
Availability: Availabile
Availability: 5-60 days

Price of delivery: from 170 CZK (~6.79€)


Tracks - Positivo Import

  • Overture: God Comes To My Help
  • Paradisi Portae 4th Mode
  • Gigout's Toccata
  • Refrain From The Service Of St. Benoit 1st Mode
  • Hymn: Service Of St. Benoit 3rd Mode
  • Kyrie Pater Noster
  • Choral Of Cantate 62
  • Introit Ganudeamus 1st Mode
  • Kyrie XIII 1st Mode
  • Gradual Domine 4th Mode
  • Prayer To Notre Dame
  • Sanctus XIII 7th Mode
  • Stabat Mater 6th Mode
  • Choral BWV 622
  • Agnus XIII 1st Mode
  • Choral BWV 603 and 65
  • Puer Natus In Bethlehem 1st Mode
  • Refrain: Ave Maria Gratia Plena 1st Mode
  • Hymn: Ave Maria Stella 1st Mode
  • Choral BVW 605

Bruno Lara vydává CD Positivo Import

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